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Critical Making Admission Petition (THIS LINK!)

Prospective Critical Making Spring 2019 students:

Dear prospective Critical Making Spring 2019 students:

We are all excited to start the upcoming semester in January of Critical Making. Please read this message as it has important information about enrolling in Critical Making. Critical Making is significantly oversubscribed. This, unfortunately, means that many of you will not get to take the course this semester. We will make enrollment decisions by 12 Dec 2018.

You do not have to be on the official department waitlist for the class. Enrollment will proceed from a Virtual Waitlist, using the information from this form. No preference will be given to students on the "official" department waitlist. So you do not have to use your Phase 1. You must agree to add the course to your schedule if you are admitted. Once admitted, we will provide you with a permission code to get into the class.

You must complete the enrollment application by Friday 08 Dec at 11:59pm to be considered. We will not be handling or adding enrollment after that date.


19 Oct – Online enrollment application opens (THIS LINK). This adds you to the Virtual Waitlist (you do not have to use your Phase 1 enrollment to join the official department waitlist).
08 Dec – Virtual Waitlist closes at 11:59pm.
12 Dec – Final enrollment decisions sent out all students.
23 Jan - First day of class! Required attendance.

To be considered for a slot, you must take the following four steps:

1) You must agree to add the course to your schedule if you are admitted.

2) You must be a UC Berkeley student (we will not enroll concurrent or auditing students).

3) Fill out this course petition by 11:59PM on Saturday, December 08 2018. Please submit only one application. This form is configured to allow you to edit your response after it has been submitted. This is how you get on the virtual waitlist for the class.

4) Attend the first class meeting on Wed, January 23 2019 from 10–12pm in 220 Jacobs Hall. Please do not enroll if you cannot make the first day of class. This is for several important reasons but one is that there will be many people who want to take this course and we will drop anyone who does not attend the first lecture. Think of it from the other side: Many people want your spot and are happy to attend and we need to know ASAP (as in the first day) who is actually taking the course. Thanks for your cooperation.

How will enrollment proceed?

We will use the information from the petition below to make final decisions about enrollment by 12 Dec 2018.

Once enrolled, you MUST attend the first class to hold your enrollment. If you do not attend the first class you will be dropped. If you know now that you will not be back to start the semester on time please do not enroll in Critical Making. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Do not email me with your excuse for not making the first day of class. I add this here only because despite making this clear policy I always get emails with excuses asking for exceptions to this rule.

Make sure that you have enough time in your schedule to devote to a project class. If you are no longer planning on taking Critical Making, please let us know by editing your responses to this form. Critical Making is offered every Spring, so you may have additional opportunities to take the class.

A few other points:

Critical making is a New Media course (NWMEDIA 203) but also counts as CS technical elective. NWMEDIA 203 will not be listed as a CS course. However, NWMEDIA 203 does fulfill CS/EECS technical elective requirements. That is, even as a NWMEDIA course it fulfills the requirement. It also fulfills the New Media DE, New Media Certificate, and Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation (BCDI).

Waitlist for the NWMEDIA 203 course. The MECENG C205 listing is only used by a very small number of Mechanical Engineering MEng students. If you are an MEng student use this this course number. If you are not an MEng student do not use this course number. MEng students must also fill out a course petition.

Critical Making is a graduate level class. However, advanced undergraduates are encouraged to apply for enrollment. As an undergraduate you will not be able to directly place yourself on the waitlist. However, undergraduates can be added to the waitlist directly by Lara Wolfe (lara@berkeley.edu). Please contact Lara directly if you are an undergraduate and wish to be waitlisted.

Accepted students must take the full 4 unit course for a letter grade. Note that the majority of the work in this course is conducted in the form of a group projects. Unlike other courses, dropping the course before the end of the semester has negative consequences for your other group members. So please make sure to answer the question about your commitment to staying in the course.

Failure to complete this form will result in you being removed from the course and you will not be considered for this course.

We will not be handling additional enrollment for the course after 12 Dec 2018.

Looking forward to an exciting Critical Making 2019!

You can read more about previous offerings of the course here: http://make.berkeley.edu (specifically under showcase)

Professor Eric Paulos